Truth without compromise:

Raised in a homeschooling family near central North Carolina, Caleb discovered his love for music at a relatively young age, starting with drums before picking up several other instruments as well, but it wasn't until his later years in high school that music transitioned from a passionate dream into a desperate necessity. Several key events pushed him to a point where writing was the only way to cope, the only thing that could make sense of the world around him and the conflict within. Almost automatically, Caleb began creating a story for himself that he called the World View, a landscape of deserts and mountains, chasms and acid rain, all of which represented different aspects of reality, demonstrating the ways that Caleb saw these forces working together and against each other to explain the patterns he saw in his own behavior and in the lives of others. Under the name One Sided, Caleb wrote a series of poems and songs from this story, most of which were never released or shared. However, this story had several flaws which eventually sent Caleb into an obsessive spiral of destroying his internal world and rebuilding it over and over again. Over time, he realized this wasn't the story he was meant to share, so he left it behind and began to start again.

In the summer of 2021, Caleb released his debut single, The Great Confusion, and under his new name, Hyperveridical, he began building another world with a story that he is committed to telling from beginning to end. Now, after almost two years of honing his production skills and building up the world of Silensville, the first chapters of this new story are beginning to be shared. As the first single from this storyline, the fast-paced, genre-bending song called Someone I Can Trust was released into the world in November of  2022, with the mellow, orchestral ballad, Growing Distant, following shortly after in April 2023.

Now, with mentions of an album to be released later this year, Hyperveridical introduces his audience to their first major glimpse of this world and its forces with the short story Prelude., released under the same title as the future album to which its story runs parallel. Available now as a free download in the merch store of this website, fans can begin to know the first chapter of this emotional saga, with Caleb actively encouraging his audience to think deeply about the meanings behind it and discuss it with others.